Take in all of the beauty around you Through a covered open-window view with awning style windows

Achieve elevated air circulation, even on rainy days, with the ease of a top-hinged crank window. A fan favourite to open the view over the kitchen sink or can be used in collaboration with larger picture windows seeking increased airflow.

Aluminum Clad Wood

Boasting double the thickness of traditional roll-form cladding, this low-maintenance aluminum clad exterior houses a warm and sturdy wood interior. Whether you prefer the popular pine interior or the use of an alternative wood species, these windows are finished off with a customizable colour and texture powder-coating combination for long-term resilience.


Customizable by hand and offering nine wood species for you to choose from to achieve the perfect look. Polish these beautiful pieces with your selected trim and finishing options, including the leading CoreGuard Plus™ wood treatment.

H3 FusionTech

Take your windows to new heights with the flawless incorporation of extruded aluminum, vinyl and wood. The foundation of the advanced H3 is patent pending Fusion Technology™. Trust that these beautiful and durable windows are not only aesthetically appealing, they also protect your property against the elements.

Vinyl Awning

This high performing vinyl window is designed with you in mind. Delivering high-quality functionality at an affordable price through an assortment of sizes, styles and profiles. Enjoy the endless possibilities of the unique Sierra Pacific DNA vinyl casement, including multi-chamber construction and premium options such as brickmould and wide flat casing.

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We custom cut and mill our own wood to obtain the highest quality and characteristics. The majority of our traditional wood products are milled from tight grain Western Douglas Fir.


Using the latest in technology and equipment, Glenmore W&D is able to custom build maintenance free vinyl windows. Vinyl offers good thermal characteristics and long-lasting durability at affordable prices.

Metal & Wood (Cladding)

Through our expert cladding process, we can combine the weatherproofing and durability of metal exterior surfaces with the beauty and interior warmth of interior wood frames.


Fibreglass is an economical option that provides excellent durability and strength for various residential and commercial window and door applications.

Glass Options

The skilled staff of Glenmore W&D in Kelowna can incorporate specialty and standard, high-efficiency glass into your custom project.

Modern Dual-Pane Glass

Low Emissivity
(Low-E) Options

Glass Appearance Choices


Glenmore W&D can custom manufacture screens or match quality screens to your exact door or window application.


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When you step into the showroom of Glenmore Windows and Doors, you will understand the commitment we have to exceptional craftsmanship. Since 1956, we’ve manufactured windows and doors of the highest quality for homes and businesses throughout the Okanagan Valley and all of British Columbia.

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