Capture vast and unobstructed views with this traditional, yet flexible window style. Whether standing alone or grouped in a stunning combination, these outwardly-opening side-hinged Sierra Pacific windows impress. Common in kitchens, living spaces and bedrooms for their functionality, casement windows open wide for maximum ventilation and emergency egress.


Take in all of the beauty around you through a covered open-window view with awning style windows. Achieve elevated air circulation, even on rainy days, with the ease of a top-hinged crank window. A fan favourite to open the view over the kitchen sink or can be used in collaboration with larger picture windows seeking increased airflow.

Single & Double Hung

If you’ve ever taken the time to look, chances are you’re familiar with this traditional window style. Playing to your preference of a single sliding sash, or the availability to maximize your airflow with 2 moveable sashes, you’ll find these windows offer versatility and reliability for residential dwellings, office buildings and the vast majority of apartment buildings alike.

Special Shapes

Highlight architectural features of any building with these specialty, angled or curved creations. Draw attention to an area of your home or add a dramatic burst of sunlight to your property with exceptional shapes such as rectangles, octagons and triangles. Special shape windows are stationary or non-venting; a consideration to be made when planning a potential collaborative installation with other air-flow promoting windows.

Bays & Bows

Add depth and character to your home with an aesthetically-enhancing set of bow or bay windows. Deriving their name from a convex or outwardly bowing angled shape, these picture windows create a focal point both inside and outside. Create a cozy reading nook or open up your vast outdoor view with a stunning and customized window set.


Step right from the comfort of the indoors into the Okanagan outdoors with the innovative designs of Multi-Slide windows. The creative installation ideas are endless as the multi-slide windows stack, tuck into a pocket wall or turn a 90-degree corner into a breathtaking panoramic view. Enjoy your view with a side of functionality with panels that can slide both left and right.


Create the ultimate open-concept living environment with multiple glass panels that glide smoothly to stack neatly against a wall. Bi-fold installations completely transform the look of your living space, add open livable area and span to cover up to a 23 feet space.

Horizontal Slider

Perfect for those who find a side-to-side sliding feature more functional and aesthetically-appealing than traditional crank windows. Install this contemporary style of window in areas of your home that require ease of opening for the user while reducing the amount of space needed.


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We custom cut and mill our own wood to obtain the highest quality and characteristics. The majority of our traditional wood products are milled from tight grain Western Douglas Fir.


Using the latest in technology and equipment, Glenmore W&D is able to custom build maintenance free vinyl windows. Vinyl offers good thermal characteristics and long-lasting durability at affordable prices.

Metal & Wood (Cladding)

Through our expert cladding process, we can combine the weatherproofing and durability of metal exterior surfaces with the beauty and interior warmth of interior wood frames.


Fibreglass is an economical option that provides excellent durability and strength for various residential and commercial window and door applications.

Glass Options

The skilled staff of Glenmore W&D in Kelowna can incorporate specialty and standard, high-efficiency glass into your custom project.

Modern Dual-Pane Glass

Low Emissivity
(Low-E) Options

Glass Appearance Choices


Glenmore W&D can custom manufacture screens or match quality screens to your exact door or window application.

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